Can I purchase the themes directly from you?
No – We are an exclusive author on Themeforest and we cannot sell our themes outside of this marketplace without breaching the contract.
What kind of support do I get after purchasing a theme or plugin?
All support queries regarding our themes and plugins should be directed to our support forum. Please note that in some situations it might take up to 72h for us to reply depending on our current workload and support tickets in the queue. But always bear in mind: Your request won’t be forgotten!
Are themes and plugins compatible with other plugins?
There is no definite answer to this question so we can only say generally yes! At this very moment we are not aware of any compatibility issues with any other plugins. If you think there might be an issue please do not hesitate and open a new thread in the support forum.
I’d like to get customisations done, can you do it?
No – unfortunately we are not in the position to offer customisation, however, you can request a quote for your required customisation from Elto.com or by filling out the form below:


Is it possible to have the site in another language?
Yes, all our themes are fully localised and come with a translation for that can be easily translated into any language using software such as PO Edit. Some of our themes even come with French and German translation files and all you need to do is switch the language in the wp-config.php file.

All our recent themes are also compatible with WPML which allows you to run your site in a number of different languages.

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