Pre-Sales FAQs

Can I purchase the themes directly from you?
No – We are an exclusive author on ThemeForest and we cannot sell our themes outside of this marketplace without breaching the contract.
Does your Compare theme support APIs such Amazon,, Kelkoo, Ebay etc API?
No, our Compare theme currently support any APIs and it is based on XML feeds or delimited text files (comma, tab etc). We have added API support for Amazon and TradeDoubler to our Compare+ Plugin in January 2014 and we are planning to add more APIs to Compare+ in future.
Are retailers able to log into the site and add their own products?
No, there are no different user roles that can be assigned to specific retailers. Users that sign in will be able to see all retailers and products (apart from subscribers who can’t see any of the Compare functionality)
Is it possible to have the site in another language?
Yes, it relatively straightforward to create the site in another language; Compare is WPML compliant so is also suitable for a multi-language set up as well. Further details on how to set this up is coming soon; please email us if you any further questions.
Does the plugin license also contain a license for theme?
No, our Compare theme is available on ThemeForest and costs $45 and our Compare+ plugin is available on and costs $249. Both products together cost $294 and there is no discount for buying both.
Are all future upgrades free of charge?
Currently, all updates to our Compare theme and Compare+ plugin are free of charge and you can download the latest version of the theme on ThemeForest and the latest version of the plugin on AWESEM themes: – saying this, we might consider charging for updates at some point when we feel that we can no longer do this free of charge but currently we have no plans for this.
What level of support do you provide?
All support queries should be raised via our Support Forum and we will aim to respond within 48-72 hours. We are based in London, UK and our office hours are 9:30am to 6pm GMT Monday to Friday and we also have some cover for evenings and weekends. Typically we do respond within a couple of hours apart from weekends and holiday season where we might be a bit short staffed. We provide support for any queries regarding the functionality and using our products. However, for any customisation queries, please request a quote via our customisation service over at

After-Sales FAQs

The Compare theme won't install in WordPress?
Please ensure that the folder you have downloaded from ThemeForest has been unzipped. The file to be installed in WordPress is in this folder as a zipped file and is simply called ‘compare’.
When I preview my Homepage nothing shows / it doesn't look like the demo site?
When you create the page ‘Home’ (see the set-up Documentation), you need to assign the Template ‘Home’ to the page.
What size should the images for the Slider be?
Images within the Compare Theme are cropped/resized depending on where they are used. So, for the Slider image any size picture can be used and the image will be cropped to 930px x 430px. The image will repeat / tile if the image is smaller than the size given above.
I have set-up the images for the Slider but nothing is showing when I preview the Homepage?
Please ensure that you have ‘published’ the Slides as you would a post or page.
How can I change the settings for the slider such as Speed, Transition style etc?
We are currently updating the Slider, please check back soon or contact us.
I am configuring the language settings for my site using the WPLANG variable in the wp-config.php file as per the documentation, how do I find the language code for my country?
The localization codes that need to be added to WPLANG variable can be found here
When I open the blank 'spreadsheet-blank-sample-file' or the 'sample-products.csv' in Excel they are not separated into columns
These files are delimited by semi-colon so need to be imported into Excel. This can be done by selecting Data > Import External Data > Import Data and selecting the necessary file.

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