Pre-Sales FAQs

Can I purchase the themes directly from you?
No – We are an exclusive author on ThemeForest and we cannot sell our Deadline theme outside of this marketplace without breaching the contract.
Is it possible to have the site in another language?
Yes, it relatively straightforward to create the site in another language; Deadline is WPML compliant so is also suitable for a multi-language set up as well. Further details on how to set this up is coming soon; please email us if you any further questions.
What level of support do you provide?
All support queries should be raised via our Support Forum and we will aim to respond within 48-72 hours. We are based in London, UK and our office hours are 9:30am to 6pm GMT Monday to Friday and we also have some cover for evenings and weekends. Typically we do respond within a couple of hours apart from weekends and holiday season where we might be a bit short staffed. We provide support for any queries regarding the functionality and using our products.

However, for any customisation queries, please request a quote via our customisation service over at or visit our customisation partners over at

After-Sales FAQs

Adding your Facebook Fan Count to Deadline
To get your Facebook Page ID, you can use the following link:

For example:

Now add this ID to your Social Widget. Once updated in the Social Widget, it will take an hour to update on the site. This is to prevent frequent requests (every load time) to the Facebook API. If you’d like to speed up the process, simply check in the /_widgets/social-counter.php file and you’ll see:

if(!empty($facebook_id) && $facebook_last_check < $one_hour_ago) {

Simply change this to:


and then refresh your site. It will now go off to Facebook and get your # of fans. Don’t forget to change back the line if you’d like to keep the script looking every 1 hour.

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